Fig Tree featured in LA Fashion Magazine

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  What an amazing write up in LA Fashion Magazine this month! Beautiful article. "Jewelry has a way of taping into our emotions. It reflects a sense of who we are, what we represent or who we want to become. Whether jewelry is embodying a personal meaning or entertaining a self-expression of our current mood, we all smile inside when we see that piece that captivates our attention. In just two short years, Fig Tree Jewelry has resonated in the hearts of many women in different parts of the United States, Japan and Spain. Not only are women in awe with the unique handmade designs, they are also intrigued by the delicate vintage pieces used to create the outstanding masterpieces. Each item offers a mix of vibrant semi-precious stones and magnificent exclusive pendants that reproduce an overall boho-chic vibe. Exceptional craftsmanship is no understatement for this brand; they are determined to go above and beyond to offer the best materials possible. The primary metals used are gold filled and sterling silver handcrafted in the USA with customary jewelry making techniques, making the collection exude utter perfection." For full article ----->

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