Size Charts (Apparel, Necklace Lengths, Earring Size, Handbag Strap Lengths)

Average Size Charts (some styles may vary - this is just an estimate). For THML Apparel every style has a Small as a reference in the description. Each size goes approx 1” up or down each size. 

THML Size Chart: 

Size               XS                S                 M             L

Bust            33”-34”        35”-36”      37”-38”   39”-40”

Waist          25”-26”        27”-28”      29”-30”    31”-32”

Drop Waist 27”-28”        29”-30”      31”-32”    33-34”

Hips           35”-36”        37”-38”      39”-40”    41”-42”

Lovestitch Size Chart:

Necklace Lengths:

Earring Length and Hoop Size Chart 




Handbag Strap Length Guideline: