Size Charts (Apparel, Necklace Lengths, Earring Size, Handbag Strap Lengths)

Average Size Charts (some styles may vary)


Approx. Size Chart: (This is an estimate - please use the size scale for each individual style in the description - THML styles can have a different fit). For example, a Medium in one style may not fit the same as another THML style.  

Size               XS                S                 M             L

Bust            33”-34”        35”-36”      37”-38”   39”-40”

Waist          25”-26”        27”-28”      29”-30”    31”-32”

Drop Waist 27”-28”        29”-30”      31”-32”    33-34”

Hips           35”-36”        37”-38”      39”-40”    41”-42”


For THML Apparel, every style has a small as a reference in the description. Each size goes approximately 1” up or down each size. 


Lovestitch (Approx. Size Scale)


Skies Are Blue (Approx. Size Scale)

Fate (Approx Size Scale)




Assorted Jewelry 

Necklace Lengths:

Earring Length and Hoop Size Chart 


Handbag Strap Length Guideline: