JADEtribe - Our Featured Designer!

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We are loving our assortment of Jadetribe .... and the assortment keeps on growing! A little bit about JADEtribe and it's designer, Kimberly Hartman. "A little bit beach-y, a little bit bohemian jet set, and 100 percent natural and ethical, JADEtribe is the true embodiment of fashion with a conscience. Whether it’s the handbag repurposed from hand embroidered baby carrier cloths, or the hand braided jewelry that jingles, or the organically dyed and hand loomed traditional textiles, each element of JADEtribe carries in it a piece of Kimberly’s heart and a piece of the hearts of the women in South East Asia whose lives have been improved by making it." We are excited to share her beautiful assortment of unique handbags at Fig Tree Jewelry.

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