Fig Tree Jewelry and Jacq Magazine .....

Posted by Sarah Austin on

We are elated! Amazing article about Fig Tree Jewelry just published in Jacq magazine! 

A little about Jacq magazine ..... "They are the all-encompassing, luxury lifestyle and entertainment magazine. JACQ Magazine also takes it a step further. They appeal to the masses in the same way that Vogue transcends fashion. People from all walks of life will learn about the behind-the-scenes, nuances of living a luxury lifestyle. From how to manage income taxes for the world's highest-earners to what to look for in a privately chartered jet, we reveal it all. Whether the reader can afford the things they see in the magazine or they can and do subscribe to best that life has to offer, they will be able to appreciate the insightful and forward thinking materials we include in JACQ Magazine. From high-end fashion editorials, to the entrepreneur of the month, to the “It” celebrity, readers will get a glimpse not just into the material makeup of a luxury lifestyle, but the unnoticeable variables that the privileged lifestyle entails."

Recently we were also featured in LA Magazine, Nitty Gritty, and Splash Magazine ....


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